Who is Tony Parham?

Tony is  rather versatile…

In the professional world, he has served as a visionary leader,  digital marketing and e-business strategist, executive coach, product manager, business partner liaison, keynote speaker and more.  A colleague called him The Launch-It or Fix-It Guy ™, combining thoughts from his two frequent taglines: “Taking projects from concept to reality,” and “Making order out of chaos.” He has also been a visiting lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and has spoken on several occasions at the Harvard Business School.

As Government Innovation Officer (GIO) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Tony advises the Governor, Secretary for Administration and Finance, executive branch leaders and other stakeholders on identifying, funding and managing execution of high impact business change projects.  As chief innovation officer for the Commonwealth, the GIO is accountable for improving internal government efficiencies and for the improved experience of outside stakeholders such as residents, businesses and local governments.

Tony is the Managing Director of TKG Management Consulting, where he provides strategic management consulting services to clients in a variety of sectors.

Tony has previously worked in multiple functional areas with portfolio companies of CrossTech Ventures, including:
  • Clintara, LLC: As Director of Technology / CTO, Tony led product management, IT development and quality management functions for Clintara’s SaaS offering to the pharmaceutical and clinical research industries.
  • New Marketing Labs (founded by social media pioneer Chris Brogan):  As Executive Director, Tony led product management for the NML Dashboard (monitoring, workflow and ROI analysis across multiple social media platforms); client account management, inbound marketing  / social media marketing services, “white hat” SEO; marketing and business development.
  • The Pulse Network: Tony served as host of NML TV (a cutting-edge Internet TV program re: digital and social media marketing); Business Development.
  • Tony also performed business development in conjunction with KMS Media Partners; CrossTech Forums (for key events such as Inbound Marketing Summit, Life Sciences Technology Insights,…)

Prior to CrossTech, Tony worked for leading firms such as IBM, Lotus Development Corporation, Hewlett Packard and others.

Tony has many, varied personal interests and experiences, including:

  • Family:
    – Wife: The lovely and talented Dr. Lynda
    – 3 children
  • Fitness (Tries to keep the bod’ in shape; previously owned a 24 hour gym / fitness club)
  • Bicycling
  • Tennis
  • Swimming, scuba (got certified as an open water scuba diver in Aruba)
  • Skydiving (in Paris! Paris, California, that is….; But hasn’t done it for many moons…)
  • Golf (“high handicapper”; but has fun whenever he gets the rare opportunity to play…)
  • Motorcycles (street bikes / cruisers… quite partial to Honda Gold Wings)
  • Drama (professionally trained novice actor)
  • Motivational speaking; Ministry; Counseling
  • Music (Contemporary Jazz, Contemporary Gospel, Classic R&B and a smidgeon of Classical;  Sang in Boston’s Symphony Hall.  Yes, on stage.  Yes, to an audience.  Yes, they paid to attend…)

More info / Contact info:

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