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Video of Clintara “Best Case Study” At Life Sciences Event

Sunday, July 31st, 2011


A recent post described my participation in the Life Sciences Technology Insight event at the Harvard Club in Boston Massachusetts.  As Clintara‘s Director of Technology I gave a presentation (along with a colleague from Astra Zeneca) describing Clintara’s services and new technologies (including utilization of a smartpen and our new iPad prototype).

We were pleased to win the audience’s award for Best Innovative Case Study Presentation.  (Above picture shows me receiving the award from Bill Sell, Vice President & General Manager of CrossTech Forums.) As promised, I have posted the video from that event in this post.

Below is a brief overview/preview (5 minutes) of the presentation.  (Note: The entire presentation can be viewed by scrolling further down this page.)

The entire presentation (40 minutes) can be viewed below.


Clintara wins award for Best Innovative Case Study Presentation

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

At last week’s Life Sciences Technology Insight event, Clintara won the audience’s award for Best Innovative Case Study Presentation.

As Clintara’s Director of Technology / CTO, I gave the initial segment of the presentation, in which I shared regarding the problems which pharmaceutical companies experience when launching new drugs (particularly in regards to drugs for central nervous system diseases).  I gave an overview of Clintara’s services (training, certification and diligence), described our smart pen functionality, and gave the audience a preview of our brand-new, native iPad training prototype.

I then introduced Astra Zeneca’s Ellis Wilson, who gave an excellent overview of the challenges which the pharmaceutical industry has experienced in regards to the increased incidence of noncompliant patients, inappropriate patients, and financially motivated patients.  Ellis presented data from several clinical trials and described how these patients created issues with the clinical trial data.  Ellis also shared how new technologies (such as those provided by Clintara) were beneficial in decreasing unwanted data variability.

I will post a link to the video of the presentation when it becomes available…. (Edit: Here it is!)


Life Sciences Technology Insight

Monday, May 30th, 2011
June 13-14, 2011, Harvard club, Boston Massachusetts
Now there is an executive summit for busy Life Sciences IT professionals.  It is a two day program that will cover technology advances on both sides of the drug approval process:
  • eClinical Ecosystem and the stages in clinical trials management.
  • Business Ecosystem looking at the issues of manufacturing and supply chain management, sourcing, direct-to-consumer programs, quality management/safety, distribution and revenue leakage issues.

As Director of Technology for Clintara, I will be one of the keynote presenters at this event.  Go to the life sciences technology insight website for more information.

Anticipated panels with participation of Clintara-affiliated personnel at Life Sciences Technology Insight event:

  • 2:30 PM on Tuesday, June 14 panel on “R&D Productivity – How Can IT Make Improvements”
  • 10:00 AM Wednesday “Digital Clinical Trials in 2016 – Are You Keeping Up with Innovation?”
  • 10:30 AM Wednesday panel “Everything’s Going ‘e’ – Exploring the New Developments in eClinical Trials Systems”

Anticipated Clintara-affiliated particpants at Life Sciences Technology Insight event:

  • Jerry S. Grupp, Senior Director, Project Management, ICON Central Laboratories
  • Ellis Wilson, Senior Director, Project Coordination, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • Stephen Saber, Chief Operating Officer, Clintara LLC
  • Tony Parham, Director of Technology, Clintara LLC

Click here if you are not able to see the above video.